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Interpet Japan 2016 SC

Interpet Japan March 2016 

At the Supercat booth for 

The launch of Armitage Good Boy Treats

General Manger Sales Department Mr. Masahiro Ishikawa

And General Manger Armitage Asia Pacific Mr. Stuart Chamberlain

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Interpet Japan 2016 DP

Interpets Japan with Dear Puppy at the Launch of Good Boy and Good Girl Treats to the Japanese market

Left to right CEO Mr. Takuma Fukuda - Sales Manager Mr. Yasuhisa Nishida -

COO Mr. Hiroyuki Enokida - General manger Armitage Australia Mr. Stuart Chamberlain

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Dear Puppy will launch the Armitage Pet Care Brands "Good Boy" treats for dogs and "Good Girl" treats for cats at Interpet Japan on the 31st March 2016 

Their booth is in East Hall 2 - 217 Their web site is

Stuart Chamberlain from Armitage Australia - the Asia Pacific Office for Armitage Pet Care - will assist at the launch.

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Mr Masahiro Ishikawa (General Manager Sales at Supercat) Mimmo Zagarelos (New Sales Armitage Australia) Stuart Chamberlain (General Manager Armitage Australia)Mr. Kazuya Iketani (Manager General Affairs Supercat)

after meeting to arrange sales to Japan.

Supercat will Launch the Armitage Pet Care Treats "Good Boy" at Interpet Japan on 31st March 2016

Their Booth is 2 - 424 and their web site is

Stuart Chamberlain will represent Armitage Australia at the launch. Armitage Australia is the Asia Pacific Regional Office for Armitage Pet Care UK.

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Dr. Yongmin Kim (Representative Director for Valvet South Korea) Stuart Chamberlain (Managing Director Armitage Australia) Mimmo Zagarelos (New Sales Armitage Australia) meeting at the Valvet office in 2015 to finalize details of sales for Armitage Pet Care Products in South Korea

Valvet are the sole distributors in South Korea for Armitage Pet Care Dog Treats Brand "Good Boy".

With the Launch of Armitage Good Boy in November 2015 Valvet have expanded their product range to their 2,500 customers.

Having received their second container of stock within 3 months, they are very happy with the acceptance of the new Brand "Good Boy".

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CEO and PH

In Taiwan - Mr Paul Bousfield (CEO of Armitage Pet Care UK) congratulates Mr. Peter Huang (Taiwan Bonvies) on becoming the sole distributor for Armitage Pet Care in Taiwan.

Their first container of stock is due for arrival in March 2016

They will distribute WAFCOL Dog Food, Good Boy treats for dogs, Good Girl treats for Cats and Rotastak treats for Small Animals.

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A 1aArmitage Australia was at the Japan Pet Fair in April 2015.

This is a major show in the Japanese Pet Trade.

Many new contacts were made and 1,000 s of treats given to the very spoilt Pets in Japan.

We hope to anounce the Armitage Pet Care distributors soon!

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Armitage Cat Nip drops Wins first prize in PIAA Expo.



In todays PIAA Expo held in Sydney, Armitage Cat Nip Drops Won first prize for


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