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GOOD BOY Yoghurt Drops Pouch 250g
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Armitage Good Boy

Yoghurty Drops

A complementary Pet Food for Dogs

Good Boy Yoghurty Drops are a specially formulated treat for dogs.

Feed as a treat, reward or training aid.

Treats should be counted as part of your dog’s daily calorific intake.

Always ensure there is a bowl of fresh clean water available.

Safe if accidentally eaten by children.

Not suitable for puppies under 3 months.

To be stored in a cool, dry conditions.




Good Boy Yoghurt Drops Dog Treats are a fabulous alternative to chocolate treats or other treats with a high sugar content.

Perfect for giving to dogs which may either be prone to weight gain, suffer from bad dental health or hyperactive dogs that are affected by sugar.

This unique formula has in fact proven to be beneficial to your dog's health when given alongside a well-balanced diet. The added Vitamins A, D3 and E support healthy skin, strong bones and good eyesight. This product is also safe for dogs with diabetes.



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SKU: 1033
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