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CLEAN GREEN Dog or Cat Loo
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Clean Green Dog/Cat Loo is a circular container with drainage slots, which fits ionto the top of a small continer. The waste isplaced inside and is closed using a unique twist-lock lid. The dog Loo is discreet and can be placed anywhere in your garden and works wether you have a small urban garden or landscaped grounds. It works quicly turning the solid waste into liquid which is then safely released into the soil. The loo used a harmless Bio-Activator containing natural enzyme to speed up the breakdown process. All you need to do is add a copsule of Bio-Activator and a half litre of water each week. 


Twist Lock Lid for aditional safety.

Simple to install and use.

Circular Shape allows waste to be flushed away cleanly and easily.

Suitable for kinds of Dog or Cats.

Helps eliminate odours which will reduce flying insect problems.

Ideal for use all year around.



Uses Bio-Activator capsules.

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SKU: 12014
Availability: In Stock
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